It’s finally happened, automatic post alert emails!!

Short version: If you were subscribed to the old weekly emails, you’ll need to subscribe again using the new form.

Long Version: I was originally going to use a different service that would involve paying for a virtual mailbox to help retain my personal privacy. Emails would have been more customized, I think. But Jetpack, a major WordPress plugin developer, recently announced its Newsletter feature. It’s automatic, doesn’t require my personal address, and is really easy to work with. I literally do nothing but create a post, and it sends an email to subscribers with the post info.

But for some reason, I’m unable to import existing subscribers. There’s a function for it, but it gives me a technical error I was unable to resolve. I could submit the emails through the forms, but it felt a bit skeezy, and email has its own regulations. I decided to play it safe and ask y’all to re-subscribe again. Sorry about the inconvenience!

You can subscribe here:

Please note that you will receive alerts for ALL posts, including the extra kinky related ones. If my finances improve and I see a need for it, I may switch email services again so that you can filter that stuff out. But for the time being…don’t like, don’t read. If you can’t stand mpreg content, then just delete the email. 👍

In slightly less major news, I’ve updated my sidebar and the footer displays the current year. Ignore the fact that it is now halfway through August and in a few months, I’ll have to update the year again. 😂