I probably should have announced the hiatus in the first place, but I didn’t think of it as one until I realized I hadn’t posted in months. My last post was at the end of January, which feels so long ago…

In short, I encountered some financial struggles. The stress that resulted made me freeze up creatively; I tend to not do anything at all when I’m stressed out. I haven’t read any new books, haven’t doodled much, and haven’t touched my omegaverse book series in ages.

Things are beginning to look up, though! My income is stabilizing and already I feel like I can think about creative stuff again. Posts may not be completely regular just yet, but I hope to do at least one a week for now. They will cover art I’ve done in the last couple months and some commission info updates.

I’m going to be working a lot (approx. 56 hours a week) so commissions won’t be finished as quickly as before. Any delays will be communicated with clients as they happen. I’m not sure when I’ll tackle my book series again, but I’d like to soon! New book ideas are coming to me, which means I need to get my current ones out fast…

Blog Subscriptions

Once things are a bit stable and I’ve ensured the roof over my head won’t disappear, I’m going to finally get automatic new post email alerts set up. The delay has been due to needing a virtual mailbox. In order to legally send such emails, they need a physical address in the footer of the emails, and there’s no way I’m gonna put my actual address in them. I’m never going to receive actual mail to it though, so a P.O. box is too expensive. Virtual mailboxes are cheaper and while I’d have to drive an hour to pick up anything it gets, it’s a much better option for just being able to send emails.

Currently, new post alerts are sent every Saturday. They’re manually compiled and emailed to the subscriber list. Having a new post alert will send an email every time I post, automatically. This’ll be far more convenient for me and you’ll get immediate updates!

For now, you can sign up to the existing list, and when I set up the new system, the subscriber list will be migrated to the new system. You won’t have to sign up again. I hope to have this in place next month.


I also just want to say thanks for sticking around! Things were pretty bleak for a time and I wished I could do more than just scroll mindlessly on my phone, trying not to think about the stuff weighing me down. Things are looking better now and I can breathe a little easier. ♥