Four sexy alien romance books in one action packed series!

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Captured Earth series by A.G. Wilde: A sci-fi alien romance with hot alien sex.
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Series Title: Captured Earth
Author: A.G. Wilde
Genre: Sci-Fi / Erotic Romance
Paring Type: M/F
Spice Rating (out of 5): ♥♥♥♥♥—Raunchy!!
Book 1 Summary:

The machines came, and they trampled us all.
I have nothing left. No family. No friends. No home.
They harvest us. They breed us. They feed from us…
There is no hope…Not until one fateful moment when my eyes open and I see something streaking across the skies.
What appears is like a demon before my eyes…
But can they be worse than the evil already upon us?
I will just have to wait and see.

Sailing across the stars for what feels like eons…we have followed our enemy to a little blue planet.
We had wanted to arrive before them…now I think we may be too late.
But when we kill the first Scrit and I see the being drowning within its depths, I know I have to save it.
And it…turns out to be a herA female.
This planet has hope yet. I will save her and her kind.
…Little do I know…she’s the one who ends up saving me instead.

Dark. Steamy. Gritty. A thrilling romance intertwined in a plot that will give you chills.

Content Warning: Graphic scenes involving violence and death, dark themes, and scenes of a sexual nature. The male leads’ alien species is not the species committing the acts mentioned in the summary. See below for more specifics (contains spoilers).

My buddy Ella discovered this series and recommended it to me. I consider it a gem of a find. Alien men who are legitimate aliens? Check. Alien men with alien junk? Check. MCs who decide to take back Earth AND take some alien cock? Check.

The writing isn’t without flaws; the style is a little jarring at first, but it improves as the series continues. I found the world-building to be really good, too! I think the alien perspectives on our planet and humans were realistic and often humorous. The enemies were definitely dangerous and it was easy to see humanity’s downfall to them. The action plot was also very entertaining.

But of course, the best part is what we’re here for—hot sex with aliens. This author showed up and gave us what we’re here for. The alien guys aren’t just blue-skinned humans; they have an interesting quirk, a different language, and a different way of seeing things. And a different way of smelling things. 😉

If you’ve come across some weak, watered down alien romances, this should scratch your itch! Four books, each with a different pairing, carry the overreaching plot to a finish. I think of this as a great feminine-gaze series and definitely recommend it if you’re up for a short series of alien romance with super hot sex scenes.

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Content Warnings (Contains Spoilers)
The enemy alien race forces their spawn on women. This is not done on-page; it’s offscreen, and the exact method is not specified. But there IS a “pregnancy” that a side character endures, and things get violent. This is more like a parasite relationship with a terrible creature, not an infant.