I’m trying to get in some warm-ups before getting to work. Because I was busy, I didn’t draw much of anything. So I did a couple this week, though…I really need to re-learn what a “warm-up sketch” is…🤣

Lucien from Mr Love: Queen's Choice in a sheer shirt with purple flowers on it
Lucien from Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice. Also known as me and my bestie’s favorite man whore to dress up.
Nude purple drow-like elf with pale platinum hair against a blue background.
This guy is from a mobile game I picked up, Bloodline Heroes of Lithas. Will I stick with the game? Who knows. But he was pretty, and I do love to draw pretty men.

I was actually going to make this post yesterday, but my back decided it’s been a while since it screwed me over. I’ll try to be more timely, my goal is 2 posts a week, 3 optimum.

I also just released my 2022 pose pack collection! It has all 18 pose packs from this year, plus a bonus pose exclusive to the collection. You can purchase it on Gumroad.