This is my entry for Devils After Dark, a kinky Obey Me zine that was able to raise over $1,000 for the Trevor Project. 🙂

I was part of the Kink section, and was happy to explore some themes I have yet to draw!

Kinks: exhibitionism / public display / bondage / objectification
Please note that this is a scenario with full consent. 👍

Kink content: bondage, exhibitionism, objectifying Mammon from Obey Me. He sits nude on a raised dais in the middle of a black marble table surrounded by well-dressed masculine figures in shadows. There are wine glasses of golden shining liquid on the table. Mammon is bound in shimmering gold shibari bondage with gold ball gag, gold cock cage, and a blindfold headdress with a gold lace filigree on it. This scenario was by Mammon's consent; it's a part-time job that pays extremely well, but he rarely does it because he doesn't want to admit how much he enjoys debasing himself like this.