It might be a little early to announce a new series—I don’t even have a rough outline for anything yet—but when I’m excited for something, I can’t shut up about it.

My first book series, One Night at the Horned Rabbit Inn, was a trio of erotica shorts that took place in the same inn on the same night, but with three different relationship dynamics and with unrelated plots. They were in a fantasy setting that didn’t have too much worldbuilding aside from one non-human character, a ballad about two badass lesbians, and a hunter with a funny eye. But I always wanted to go back to it, like writing follow-ups to each one where the relationships progressed from a one night stand to something more committed. I won’t be writing follow-ups yet. If you read the books and you want to see a follow-up to one or more of them, let me know, I’d love to hear it!

Instead, my next series will be another trio set in the same fantasy world. It’ll also be a spicy romance series; there’ll still be sex scenes, but there’ll be romances with Happy Ever After endings (HEA). Each book will have an M/M couple—the details are still in the works, but there is a possibility that at least one of the characters will not be 100% cis male. The plots also won’t be related, but characters will belong to the same organization, an adventurer’s guild.

There’s still a lot of work to be done, for both characters and plots, so nothing is set in stone at this time!

New Patreon Perk: Fantasy Worldbuilding Wiki Access

I’ve teased it on Twitter/BlueSky already, but my Patreon now has the option to gain access to my World Anvil wiki for the fantasy setting I’m expanding on. For the next couple of weeks, I’m adding existing details to the wiki and linking relevant articles, so you can easily navigate from one topic to another, just like Wikipedia. As I go, I’m also expanding on existing details and creating new ones, like notes about the magic system.

To gain access to the wiki, you will need a free World Anvil account and be a Lemon Pal subscriber on Patreon. Once you subscribe, there will be a link to a form to input your World Anvil username. Within 24 hours of subscribing, I’ll add you to the wiki access list.

Preview of a World Anvil wiki
Preview of the wiki. Lots of details are still being filled in, like the world’s name.

I don’t have much info on the series yet, but I’m very excited to work on it! I find it difficult to find enough queer fantasy romance to satiate my monstrous appetite, and you know what they say. If it doesn’t exist but you want it badly enough, make it yourself. 😂

Is there anything you hope to see in the new series? Or something you’d like to see me write one day? Tell me your thoughts, I wanna know!