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Been pretty busy with non-art work, so it’s been a while since I’ve raised the ol’ tablet pen. Scribbled some OCs from my existing and future stories to brush the dust off. I swear I could hear my hand joints creaking. 😂

“Currently Nameless” is from a future work, an omegaverse series. Not much to say about him yet other than he’s pretty.

Valdor is from The Bard and the Beast Hunter. I’ll be honest…I literally made him a love child of Aragorn and Geralt…I’m weak, ok…

Ser Crow and Colbin are from The Adventurer and the Assassin. I hope I can explore more shenanigans with these two. They share one horny brain cell.

Lyra is from a romance that I was working on until the omegaverse story took hold in my brain. I’m not sure if we’ll really get to see her with her tits out—and she’d be very disappointed, she likes her tits—so here they are, just in case. 😆