If you’re looking for a good omegaverse book that’s not full of growling wolf shifters in flannel, I’ve got the book for you!

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Changed: Mated to the Alien Alpha (omegaverse book cover)
This alien boyfriend is big, purple, and friendly.

Book Title: Changed: Mated to the Alien Alpha (The Omega Colony Book 1)
Author: Robin Moray
Genre: Sci-Fi / Erotic Romance
Paring Type: M/M
Spice Rating (out of 5): ♥♥♥♥♥—Raunchy!!

The Company said Omega IV was uninhabited. They said Omega IV was safe.
They were wrong.

The giant humanoid inhabitants of Omega IV are conditioned to the Change—a biological event in their development that designates them altha or amekha—but for the new colony of humans, the Change comes as an unpleasant surprise.

Dr Cameron Grant, bitter after a turbulent break-up, finds himself in a first-contact situation that was never covered in training.The alien warrior Tal’jen, seven feet tall and distinctly male, has taken an interest in him, an interest with a clear and pressing conclusion. Dr Grant can’t deny his attraction, even as his body undergoes strange and frightening changes. Whatever is happening to him, it’s obvious that Tal’jen understands it instinctively. He will have to place himself in the hands of an alien and hope that Tal’jen’s interest is as benign as it seems.

Meanwhile, Tal’jen, chief-in-waiting of his people, seeks a mate. The handsome and strange Cam’ren of the newcomers calls to him powerfully, though he has not yet gone through his Change. To be chief Tal’jen must mate with a bearer, so while he longs to claim Cam’ren for his own, he must be patient and hope that Cam’ren’s Change will grant him the gift of bearing young.

As the Change spreads through the human colony, leaving chaos in its wake, Cameron and Tal’jen must fight to protect both the delicate bond growing between them, and each other.

Content Warnings: Contains a cis man getting pregnant, but no graphic births.

Come for Omegaverse, Stay for Alien Goodness

Haha. Come. 😉 I’m starting the new year off with an omegaverse book recommendation! After all, it’s the year of the rabbit, and who also fucks like rabbits? Characters in an omegaverse book!

Poorly written jokes aside, Changed: Mated to the Alien Alpha might look like your average omegaverse title of questionable quality. I’ve read a few myself, though this is my first sci-fi omegaverse title. My conclusion is no, it is not your average omegaverse title. It’s really good and well-written!

To start with, it has great worldbuilding. “Sacchi, shut up about worldbuilding!” No! Because it’s sci-fi and if you don’t have some worldbuilding in a sci-fi setting, then what’s the point? And in my opinion, this is sci-fi done really well. Despite, you know, human men suddenly able to get pregnant on a planet literally named “Omega IV”. It’s definitely soft science fiction, but that just means it’s easier to read and not filled with jargon. There’s plenty of great science stuff packed into it, like the tools they use for translation or mining, casual references to datapacks, and research specifics.

The main character is Cameron, a xenolinguist—someone who specializes in alien language and communication. He’s on this planet with a group of men consisting of biologists and miners, who think the planet is uninhabited and therefore ripe for resource acquisition. Spoiler: it is actually inhabited. Cameron is a loveable nerd who gets excited about his job, about learning new alien cultures, and the stuff living or growing on a new planet. He’s very relatable because I, too, would get excited over a pink and blue planet.

Through Cameron’s eyes, we get to experience the wonder of visiting a new planet for the first time that is still untouched by humanity. His quips are often witty and there’s a lot of humor sprinkled through the book, such as saying some planets smell as if someone farted into a dirty sock. I have never once considered the smell of a fresh, new planet. Imagined stench aside, it was a detail that made me think and I love it. (By the way, Omega IV smells like cotton candy.)

Making Friends with Hot, Sexy Aliens

Our alien lover boy Tal’jen gets his first introduction to humanity by lowkey stalking Cameron. His perspective on humans is amusing and enjoyable, exactly what I’d want from an alien encountering weird fleshy pink things. He’s friendly and curious, which mirrors Cameron’s perspective, and the way they interact despite the language barrier is entertaining. As for sex, the alien anatomy isn’t too bizarre, so if you’re not sure how you feel about that sort of thing, this should be tame enough for you to handle. There’s a bit of breeding kink from what I can remember, but the pregnancy aspect is pretty minimal.

It’s a pretty hot read, overall. By the way, I’ll try to make a detailed breakdown of my spice rating system soon! I feel it’d be handy to have a breakdown to refer to so you know what I mean by “raunchy”.

I’ll stop my post here, because if I continue on, I’ll spoil the fun. I highly recommend this book if you’re interested in a good omegaverse story or into gay sci-fi with alien lovers. It’s funny, it’s hot, and a great sci-fi book. I hope the author gets to book 2 some day; I’d get it in a heartbeat.

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Spoilers: Read at your own risk!
By the way, cis men experience period pains for the first time, and it’s HILARIOUS. It’s not actually a period, but it’s quite amusing. This book also covers the horror of what could happen if a group of humans suddenly experienced alpha instincts while smelling omegas in heat…and it’s not pretty. It’s a very thoughtful idea to humans changing biology, because the author looks beyond the sexy implications to some of the non-sexy consequences.