I’ve still been a bit quiet on the social media side of things, even after my blog went live. I briefly mentioned on Twitter what I’ve got going on, but I figured I’d go in more depth here.

Small Business Saturday + Cyber Monday!

My 2021 Pose Pack Collection is on sale! Originally $24, it’s now on sale for $15 USD.

You get 8 pose packs that were uploaded in 2021, as well as a bonus solo pose pack.

Each pose pack, including the bonus, includes (10) .png images of different camera angle and the original Clip Studio Paint file. If you haven’t grabbed this collection yet, now’s a good time to save a few bucks!

This sale ends on December 1st.

December Commissions

I’ll be opening standard color and black/white slots as usual on December 1st. I’m still undecided on whether there’ll be YCH options or not. My brain has been all over the place but I’ll have the details settled before they open. I am thinking of putting them on sale, though. 😄

Art Plans

I haven’t drawn in three weeks. 😭 For two of them, my brain was fixated on the blog construction, partly because Twitter threatened to collapse. This past week, I’ve been fixated on my daytime work, with the holiday thrown in the middle. Today I’m starting a piece for a zine and hopefully my hand remembers what to do with my tablet pen!

I do have another print lined up but I haven’t really started. I made an attempt a few weeks ago but ran into an issue when beginning the background model. I think I know how to approach it now, so hopefully I’ll start it next week?

Book Plans

Because of the frantic blog building, I had to put the next Horned Rabbit Inn installment on hold. The first draft is written and it’s been beta read. I need to revise it into a second draft and then send for proofreading. Also need to create the cover. I hope to have it released in early December!

I’ve almost finished the outline for my first romance, a Cinderella-themed M/F story. Unfortunately—or fortunately, depending on your interests—I’ve also been struck by an omegaverse M/M story idea. I think it’d be considered an erotic romance. I may do that one first, it depends on how quickly the outline comes together. My own kink bias and frustrations over watered down omegaverse books is working in its favor, so my little brain hamster is delighted to chew on it.

We’ll see what happens when I start putting the outline to digital paper. I’m a plotter, not a pantser, so I can put down and pick it up again as long as it’s written down.

The Blog

I’m still hashing out some features with it. I want to rearrange the single post page, maybe see if I can add a “likes” function. I’d like to figure out membership sometime? Right now avatars and such are through Gravatar, which is unrelated to me. But it’d be cool if you guys could make your own profile huh? But for now I should focus on improving user experience rather than bells and whistles, lol. Pardon the dust if you see something change (or change back) when you visit!

That’s it for now!

I’m hoping to post on here 2-3 times a week. I hope to do a weekly book recommendation post with one or two books per post. I’ve got two that I want to yell about and I even got a spoiler shortcode so I can give spoilerly details that you can reveal if you want to see them anyway. Art posts will happen as they can; I can’t reveal WIPs on the zine so you’ll have to wait until the zine comes out~.

Thanks for reading! ♥