I have two spicy and queer erotica shorts available at time of posting. A third has been written and is in the editing stage. Exciting! This is my first foray into self-publishing and I can’t wait to finally get some of my stories out of my head and into a book.

One Night at the Horned Rabbit Inn Series

When your feet are weary and sword arm no longer the best, come stay at the Horned Rabbit Inn for a good night’s rest.

The Horned Rabbit Inn series is a trio of one shots featuring a different one night stand in each. They’re unrelated to each other so you can read any that you want and in any order. They take place in the same fantasy inn that never seems to let its patrons’ beds remain lonely…

It’s also a mixed relationship dynamic series!

The Adventurer and the Assassin

Pairing: M/Nonbinary
Spice Rating (Out of 5): ♥♥♥♥ – Naughty!

Colbin, adventurer for hire, has just finished a long, miserable quest in the cold, dreary mountains. Ready to spend the evening in the peaceful comfort of his hand, he settles into his inn room…until he’s interrupted by an assassin sent to end his life.

The assassin, however, seems to be just as pent up as Colbin, who strikes a deal that will lead to a night neither of them will forget.

This book features a cis man and a transmasc DFAB nonbinary character engaging in vaginal penetration. There’s a bit of service topping and some teasing.


The assassin squirmed, bucking their legs in an attempt to get their knee in a more vulnerable spot. All it did was press their thigh against him harder.

“Wait!” Colbin said, looking down at them as a jolt of fire shot up his spine. A pair of kohl-lined eyes glared up at him through the only slit in their wrapped hood. “Look, this is about to get very awk—”

He cut his words short. The curve of his knee brushed against the space between where the assassin’s legs met. A shiver ran through their body, which he felt all the way up to their wrists where his hands still gripped.

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Erotica cover: A dagger gleams on a wooden floor in warm color tones.

The Bard and the Beast Hunter

Pairing: M/M
Spice Rating (Out of 5): ♥♥♥♥ – Naughty!

Esanna is a wandering bard, seeking coin in exchange for entertainment. He’s also a lonely bard, thanks to a self-imposed policy of not sleeping with audience members.

But his policy never predicted Valdor, a rare type of beast hunter. Tall, dangerous, and sinfully sexy, Valdor tempts Esanna to break the rules for just one night.

This book features two cis men. There’s some biting, growling, and a ballad about two lesbians.


“You smell delicious,” he rumbled against the skin, sending rippling shivers down Esanna’s spine.

“I do? Even though I sweated like a spit roasted pig over a fire the whole night?” Esanna laughed, but Valdor simply licked his neck, his scruffy chin scraping across his collarbone. “Wait, you’re not actually gonna eat me, are you?”

“You’re about to find out. Take your pants off.”

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Erotica cover: A lute lays on a wooden floor in warm brown color tones.

Coming Soon: The Archer, Healer, and Swordsman

Pairing: M/M/F
Spice Rating (Out of 5): ♥♥♥♥ – Naughty!

Kith has one last chance to get close to healer Telanie, but their fellow traveling companion Rogar keeps getting in the way. When the night draws to a close before the trio part ways, it seems like Kith is out of luck.

Then Telanie surprises them both with a deal neither man can resist.

(Summary subject to change)

This book features a cis rabbit hare man (think Viera from Final Fantasy), a cis human man, and a cis woman. There’s pegging, some biting, and a bit of gentle femdom. Oh, and banter.

Excerpt (Subject to change):

Kith opened the door and stepped inside. It was the standard inn room; wardrobe, a dresser, and a single window with light-blocking curtains for the more nocturnal folk. The bed was neatly made, ready for occupancy.

He froze. The only bed.

Rogar jostled his way past Kith. “Move,” he growled. “What’s your problem—” His complaint died as he noticed the bed.

Coming soon in early December!

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This has been a fun series to write. I’m not sure if I’ll write more entries, but I do know that if I get enough feedback for it, I’ll write follow-ups. I have ideas for a continuation of all three, and all of those ideas involve more shenanigans and more naughty things. What counts as positive feedback? Sales and letting me know if you want more! ♥