It’s really hard not to crack puns when the MMC of this sugar daddy erotica is literally made of rock. I ask for forgiveness in advance.

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The cover of "Titan: A Gargoyle Daddy Dom Romance (Romancing His Stone Book 1)", a paranormal urban fantasy sugar daddy erotica
Also, check out the cover, which was illustrated by skelliefranky / (NSFW acct)

Book Title: Titan: A Gargoyle Daddy Dom Romance (Romancing His Stone Book 1)
Author: Jillian Graves
Genre: Paranormal Erotica / Urban Fantasy
Paring Type: M/F
Spice Rating (out of 5): ♥♥♥♥♥—Raunchy!!

Living, breathing gargoyles shouldn’t exist. Julianna should be running for the door. But the way he looks at her… and touches her… awakens new desires.

When former child star Julianna Novak loses everything to her shady managers, she’ll do whatever it takes to win her independence back, even if it means rushing to find a new sugar daddy. When Titan, a wealthy businessman, makes her an offer she can’t refuse, she soon realizes he may not be what he seems. His curved horns, massive wings, and ribbed prehensile tail are, however, more than she ever bargained for.

Leader of the last surviving gargoyles, Titan knows what desperation looks like, and he recognizes it in Julianna. The heavy weight she carries is one he’s able to bear—and one he finds he wants to.

Julianna needs a Daddy, and Titan is ready to be the firm hand—and more—she needs.

When his missing supernatural artifact and her financial troubles unexpectedly align, Titan and Julianna find that a single night together won’t be enough. Confronted by old enemies, the diverging paths they once followed may no longer be the destiny their hearts desire.

Content Warnings: Explicit violence, blood, gore, financially abusive parent(mother)/child relationship, explicit sex, sex work, monster appendages, human/non-human sex, dacryphilia

Sugar Daddy Erotica with a Kinky Twist

I found this book through the cover artist, who I follow on Twitter. I don’t typically read sugar daddy erotica, since the subject interests me only in very specific contexts. I was interested in this one because it features a non-human male MC, and I’m always down for monster fucking!

And, oh boy, does this man fuck.

This title is definitely an erotica, no doubt about it, and borders on being an instalove romance. If you’re here to get your rocks off, this book delivers. You’ll get unusual appendages, anal, and all the “please, daddy” begging you can eat.

Toxic Family Ahead in this Smut

Julianna is a former child star caught in a trap inspired by Brittany Spears’s financial situation. While pursuing a new sugar daddy to make rent, Julianna meets a big, sexy billionaire with a few supernatural secrets under his suit. Titan is searching for a missing artifact that he and his brethren have guarded for thousands of years. They’ve located it, but need a way to get to it, and that’s where Julianna comes in.

This book has an equal balance of sex and plot action. It’s a short read; I think I finished it in one evening. While I enjoyed the story and want to read more about Titan’s brothers, the sexual themes didn’t align with my taste. That has nothing to do with the writing, though! I’m not into sugar daddies on a personal level without specific contexts or criteria. So, I’m not this book’s target audience. And that’s ok!

I still recommend this book. Someone I know who IS a fan of sugar daddies/daddy kink really enjoyed it! They give it two thumbs-ups in approval and also hope for a book 2.

If you’re a fan of sugar daddies or general daddy dom kink, check it out on Amazon! If you enjoy paranormal romances or monster fucking, this’ll feed you too.

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