My latest fantasy erotica book, One Night at the Horned Rabbit Inn: The Archer, Healer, and Swordsman is finally out! I had a few delays, but I managed to publish it just before the year ends. Hurrah!

Fantasy Erotica. The Archer, Healer, and Swordsman cover: A leather quiver of arrows rests on a wooden plank floor
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Pages: 38
Pairing: M/M/F
Genre: Fantasy / Erotica

At the Horned Rabbit Inn, travelers are rarely alone in their beds at night.

Kith has one last chance to get close to Telanie, a beautiful woman and powerful healing mage. But their fellow travel companion Rogar keeps getting in Kith’s way. The trio’s last night together draws to a close, with Kith no closer to Telanie than before.

Then Telanie surprises Kith and Rogar with a deal neither man can resist.

This is a standalone book in a series that can be read in no particular order. It features one cis woman and two cis men in a steamy, bisexual one night stand scenario.

Now available on Amazon!

This book marks the end of the Horned Rabbit Inn series…for now, anyway! I’d love to write follow-ups to each one, but I have many other story ideas to get to. I’ll have a post later this week that talks about some of my plans for 2023.

Let me know if you want more or if you liked the series! If you have a favorite couple/throuple, I’d love to hear that, too! 😄