I’ve been wanting to get back into digital painting lately. I don’t mind how I’ve been rendering art recently, but I have a hankering for more textured brush work. I’ve been relying on the airbrush a lot and while it results in even color blending, it’s so smooth. I’ve always admired more visible brush work, so I sought some brushes. Clip Studio Paint didn’t have any defaults that worked with me, but I finally found one from the asset store that’ll work out.

If you want to try it yourself, it’s this brush set, and it’s free.

I doodled characters from my next installment of the Horned Rabbit Inn series, The Archer, Healer, and Swordsman. It’s not out yet—I just sent it for proofreading—so I’ve hid it behind a spoiler warning in case you want to keep it a surprise. The spoiler is that you’ll see who bottoms at some point, haha.

Spoilers ahead! View at your own risk!

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